2011 in review – art across the year

2011 Summary of art
This year, plus the last has been taken over by illness, so there were months where I just felt too ill to do much.  Anyway, things are on the up, and in many ways I feel a lot more confident in my digital paintings. Click on the painting titles below to see the full image.

January – Amber Dragon SidheI was continuing to be knocked around by side effects from medication, but I got this boy finished. I now enjoy painting men, though I haven’t painted that many this year!

February- Snow Flurries Fairy SpeedpaintAn extended piece from the January sketchfest I never got to finish due to family dropping in. I loved painting quick and loose, and enjoyed the limited palette.

March- Death’s Raiment sketchLife was pretty miserable. I barely slept, I was nauseous all the time, I struggled with everything. This was about 3 months in to 6 months of trialling medications. But I used sketchfest to push through the creative blockers and the lack of interest.

April … I think I was possibly beginning work on some commission pieces, but  didn’t produce anything at sketchfest.

May-Sophia I decided to take old sketches and try and finish them. Sophia was sketched in 2009, but I was a little terrified of painting wings. They’re still not my favourite thing to paint, but I’m trying!

June – KesitahFirst time painting a dark skinned woman! This was a challenging piece, but it felt good taking on commissions again. I learnt so much, and I really should upload some details as the smaller version loses a lot of the subtleties of her face. Also, omg, chainmail and shiny armour is a pain to paint at this size!

July- Stone SingerI think this is my favourite painting of the year. I was like ‘this is what my painting is about’. Stone circles, magic, storms and medieval maidens. Started in 2008, I finally finished her! I love painting snow, I loved the way the stones came out. But boy, that dress was a pain in the neck! Next time I’m doing all my referencing first!

August – Tayva Dragonrider commissionThis was a double commission for a birthday present. Technically I finished this the month before, but I didn’t release it until after the birthday was over. First ever dragon of any detail! I really want to do a proper dragon, but they’re still a bit scary at the moment. But was so happy with the way that the head came out. I want to ride this dragon! Also first time in a long time working from photographs where I needed to get the characters really looking like the photos.

September – FreyaA small painting, but one that seemed to resonate with a number of people. It felt scary going back to watercolours after a long break. I’d love to do some more Norse Mythology

October – Sexy Pinup witchSlim pickings this month. But I did get 4 sketches done for sketchfest. I like playing with slightly sexy characters and couldn’t resist this prompt!

November- Brhea Barbarian woman commissionThis was a manic commission. A friend asked me to do a painting of a mutual friends RPG character. I was a stress bunny! I knew the kind of piece he wanted, and this wasn’t the original description, but the timeframes were so small (for me anyway!) I basically painted this over about 2-3 days. Two weeks for a commission (when you work a day job and have family commitments was interesting!) I really was freaked about the background, but in the end it came out great, IMHO. Loved playing with dry brushing.

December -Ruchira & Ipsita Succubus commissionI started this just after Kesitah, but some delays on the client’s side meant that I didn’t pick this up again until November. I had so much fun on this one! I love painting strong women, but there’s something fun about painting sexy female characters. And the crystals! Oh wow, I’ve never painted crystals like this before, but I’ve been a massive fan of Geoff Taylor’s Diamond Throne cover (original version) and this piece allowed me to experience a small feeling of what it was like to paint that kind of magic

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