2014 – End of year summary

I can’t believe 2014 is already over. As per usual, I was late to get this done, but I had an excuse, really I did! If you follow me on my social media you may have already seen a few snippets of a commissioned cover illustration I just finished. I’m part way through the layout work, but I’m really happy with the way it’s turned out!

A summary of the art I did in 2014

A summary of the art I did in 2014

Commissioned paintings

I did 7 paintings and 3 pieces of design work, including the print cover layout for Love’s Call and Sword’s Call

While I enjoy painting character art, I got a bit burnt out by it. I pushed my skills to the limits, painting dark skin, Sylvari, armour clad warriors, and World of Warcraft elves.

I want to focus on cover art this year, so I’ll be a bit more selective in what I take on, so that I have more time and energy for portfolio pieces. You can see 5 of them in the image above!


Etsy Shop & other print sales

I’ll admit it, I don’t put a lot of energy into my Etsy shop, but I managed to sell out of my Freya ACEO limited edition print. I also sold my Persephone ACEO original (I still have plenty of prints). But don’t despair, I plan on doing more goddess paintings this year, in fact Sif will be added as both a limited edition print and a  painting to my store soon! I’m looking at gathering a whole bunch of old fairy art originals and either adding them to Etsy, or setting up Storenvy or something. Watch this space!

Also joined up with Elysium pendants to make beautiful necklaces.

Nicole Cadet's art on Elysium Pendants

New Website Design

This was a long time in the works. I had bought a new WordPress theme as my old theme was not handling galleries with lots of images. I knew I wanted to keep the greys as the dominant colour, but I also wanted to be able to showcase the variety of work I did. Choosing the fonts, developing the slide show images for the homepage, and working our how and what I wanted in my portfolio was the biggest blocker. Unfortunately while I was able to migrate the old custom posts that made up my gallery, I had to manually alter every single one so that they showed correctly. It was a big task! I keep on stumbling across bits that I’ve missed ;)

Personal Paintings

It’s been disheartening not being able to paint the way I want traditionally, but I’ve picked up the paintbrush again and am beginning to get the control back. (I’m on medication that one of the side effects is hand tremors. As my body has become more tolerant of the medication, I’m regaining the control needed for the detail work, as seen in my latest painting Sif).


Norse Goddess Sif



NCadet Jackalope

Jackalope – 2015’s totem animal for me (Sadly I can’t find the original sketch. But I have a new sketch on the easel, so to speak!)



Personal Happenings

I took a trip down to Victoria to visit my brother (4 hour plane trip, 2.5 hour car trip, + hour to get to Mum’s), and spend my nephew’s first birthday with him. We’re 2 days apart, so even though I traveled back on my birthday, it was still a nice trip. It also meant I got a decent winter, even if it only was for a week (sadly we didn’t get to the snow because the weather was awful)! This was massive for me. I’ve struggled with a severe anxiety disorder for the past few years (was also diagnosed with PTSD at the start of 2014), which sometimes makes it nearly impossible to get to work or even the shops, let alone fly interstate. My current doctor is awesome, and while I’m not fond of the blood tests, the medication regime I’m currently on is making life a lot more liveable (I also do CBT). Apparently I have a slow drug metabolism which means that a standard adult dose of medication, is like poison and I get the side effects pretty badly, so it’s taken about 3 years to find a combination that doesn’t make me want to throw up every morning.

I also had Christmas at my place, on Christmas day. Ended up at the park, as my small unit does not accommodate the clan!

Oh, and I got blonde streaks in my hair… well overdue to have the regrowth done. I’m not really all that girly, but would love to have rainbow hair even just for a day :)

And in 2015?

My focus will be on cover illustrations, and taking time to develop some pre-made covers. I had thought to do photo manipulations, but I might see how I go with some illustrations instead. I plan on painting some more goddess pieces (in the Norse pantheon) and doing more Jackalopes.

Personally, I want to head back to Victoria in winter, and get to the snow (and see the family of course!). Every day is a step towards managing my anxiety in a way so that it doesn’t control every aspect of my life. I’ve also been debating about a cat. Probably will end up with a fish or something less likely to jump off the balcony!