Artist Ambitions

Copy + Paste….

Anyway, I’d like to push my skills towards more RPG game card art and cover art, but also take a step back and pull out my watercolours and acrylic paints (as I’ve mostly been doing digital paintings for the last few years)

My goals are relatively fluid at the moment

  • improving narratives/ storytelling through character and composition
  • improving my composition skills (in general, might look at Loomis as a starting point)
  • trying to get more dynamics into my paintings (dynamic poses, interesting POV)
  • improving my values (so they aren’t so flat, stuff like chiaroscuro and the likes)
  • simplify my colour palettes
Exercises (this is going to sound like a menagerie as I want to push my subject matters)
  • participate in sketchfest regularly (to keep the traditional drawing skills fresh & try new things)
  • learn to draw horses (so I can go to unicorns and pegasus)
  • gryphons
  • dragons … of all kinds, and more than just a head!
  • paint a cartoon character in the style of a realistic painter (like the Disney princesses exercises that happened a few years ago)
  • sci-fi ships/ concept art / character concepts – like you see in game art concept books
  • more character concepts – different types of ethnicities, races, roles etc
Likely I’ll be inspired by other people’s posts … I like joining in on the fun :) But Sketchfest tomorrow! And I’ve got a feature on a Goddess blog coming up in a few days *super excited* :D

What’s sketchfest? See image below? 1 hour only, any prompt we want…


  1. Selina Fenech

    Could you post the link to Artist Ambitions? Google failed me (shock!). It sounds cool.
    Also, a fantastic book for composition tips is The Simple Secret to Better Painting by Greg Albert.

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