Current Commission Information

I work in a range of styles as demonstrated in my galleries, including watercolours and digital paintings. Subjects that I can paint include general fantasy themes (fairies, elves, mermaids, warriors, knights, RPG characters, unicorns, dragons, mermaids, angels), science fiction, and urban fantasy. At the moment I have a preference for digital art, but may consider traditional painting commissions. Please contact me if you want a quote for a traditional piece as shipping differs from location to location.

Commissioned work may include:

  • – Cover art, book and magazine illustrations, interiors
  • – RPG Character illustrations (original characters only – no fan art except for Guild Wars 2/ WoW. Commercial commissions exempt from this exclusion).
  • – General illustration work for personal or commercial use
  • – I am NOT doing portraits based on photographs of people at the moment (i.e. no self-portraits or portraits of family or friends)


Please contact me about Commercial work. I have some pre-made covers available which are cheaper than fully customised covers/ commercial illustration. All prices listed below are for personal use only. This includes character portraits of book characters for website use.

Most commissions are completed within 2-10 weeks of payment depending upon size, complexity and media (please be aware I work a day job as well as being an artist). If you are interested in a quote, please contact me.  I can work to deadlines, but need to know in advance for planning purposes.

Current Character commission Price guide (digital only)

Portraits – single character (No Background or limited colour): $80 USD. Please enquire if a background is wanted

 Lorenth GW2 portraitVoodoo Witch  LunzieElthas 

Half Body – single character: $150

(Detailed background costs +$50)

Green Dragon SidheSilver MageAmber Dragon Sidhe

Full Body: $200

(Detailed background costs +$50)

KiraArethyl SunstormDalalUrban Angel Armana

Full Body – 2 characters: $250

(Detailed background costs +$50)

Fantasy Romance - eBook illustration only

How I work – Personal/ Private commissions ONLY:

  • – All prices are quoted for non-commercial work only. I retain all rights to the artwork – you are not allowed to resell or modify the artwork.
  • – I’m allowed to post the work in my portfolio and social media sites.
  • – You can use the artwork for personal avatars/ icons/ profile pictures, print out copies for yourself etc.
  • – I tend to work on a first come, first served basis. If you can’t pay within a timely manner, I have the right to take on other work.
  • – Payment is done 50% up front (non refundable), 50% on completion. Artwork will only be sent after final payment is received.
  • – Payment is done through Paypal USD only. I will create an invoice and attach a copy of the invoice which states expectations of the commission
  • – I reserve the right to decline any commission. There are some subjects I don’t like to paint, and I don’t feel comfortable painting some fan art – general RPG is fine. I do it occasionally (GW2 is a definite exception since I do this occasionally for in game gold)
  • – I have the right to make time lapse videos for places like you-tube. I’m happy to list the client as the character’s creator.

If I agree to a commission, after the deposit is paid:

  • – I ask any questions/ clarify ideas via email
  • – I spend about a week doing thumbnails (if complex), otherwise I do a sketch
  • – After the sketch is signed off, I may do colour samples (depending on complexity)
  • – I then start painting. No major changes can be made after this stage. I’m happy to make minor edits, but major changes such as clothing changes/ colour scheme changes/ addition of characters etc may incur additional fees
  • – I send a small, heavily watermarked version for approval and make any final adjustments and on final payment send through the final piece (normally JPEG 8 x 10/11.5 inch @ 300 dpi). I can send avatar versions/ smaller versions as well

Commission Request Form

Commission Type
PortraitHalf BodyFull BodyMultiple CharactersOther

Character description/ Personality/ characteristics/ scene description/ references:

Some Examples of other Commissions I’ve done

Visit my Commissions Gallery to see all my previous examples (I’ve included some older work, to show the range of subjects I’ve done).

Please note, at the moment I am not doing portraits based on real people – i.e. I’m not painting fantasy portraits where the painting must look like you or certain person.


I accept payments through PayPal in either US or Australian dollars (this includes credit card transactions). I do not take on speculative/ royalty only work.

Shipping is additional and always shipped using tracking and insurance.


See the Step by Step Commission page (Or click on the image below) for further details on what is involved in a commission.

commission process

Got other questions? Would you like a quote? Please contact me.