December sketchfest – angels

I like angel art.

I don’t care about the fact that Christian angels don’t have wings according to scripture, I like the idea that there are beings looking after us (whether or not there is, don’t ask me), I just know angels and winged beings have been creeping into my art all over the place. On a personal note, I hate painting wings… probably because I’m not good at it (well not good enough that painting wings and feathers are easy. It’s still at the ‘heck of a lot of work’ stage)

Anyway, not having a particularly creative day today. Worked on some commission stuff, done minimal chores, looking at the disaster that is my loungeroom thinking I should probably do something before my Mum arrives. Meh.

Nyx is for sale at ($25, includes standard airmail)

Nyx is a goddess from the ancient Greek pantheon, she was one of the kind of primordial goddesses often found in the shadows. She’s often represented with wings, but she’s not really an evil goddess, though she gave birth to lots of friendly deities related to doom, chaos, sleep, death. Even then, these are not really evil deities, they just represent darker aspects of life.

Nyx by Nicole Cadet

Nyx by Nicole Cadet


Guardian Angel by Nicole Cadet

This one isn’t for sale. It’s kind of a personal piece, though I don’t really look like that. Sometimes pieces just don’t want to leave home!