Don’t Go & more sketches

A while ago I did this sketch … like 2 years ago

Don't Go Sketch

Don’t Go Sketch from 2010

Today the sun was out and my painting area is flooded with light. I’m on the cold & flu tablets, stuffy head and sneezy, but for the first time in ages I felt like breaking out the watercolours. So I printed out the sketch and transferred it roughly to some cruddy watercolour paper that I didn’t care about screwing up (my decent watercolour paper stocks are running low). I was actually really nervous about painting with watercolours… yes, I know, I’ve used them for nearly 15 years, but I haven’t actively used them for over 6 months. The last personal watercolour painting I did was back in September 2011!

This is what I painted:

NCadet Don't Go

Don’t Go – watercolour version (A5 size, about 4 x 6″)

The paper is very unforgiving, it grabs colour like you would not believe, and the texture is also very noticeable when laying down colour. It was surprising to see that the washes actually smoothed out as it dried. But I hated the fact I couldn’t lift colour once it was laid.

But I’m ready to paint something else!

Oh, and more sketches from last weekend!

NCadet Magic

Magic – sold

NCadet Mask