Fairy in the Forest

“Fairy in the forest” is a large watercolour painting done over quite a while. I’ve taken off a month or two from commissions because basically the only personal work I’ve done for a year has been sketches for sketchfest, and my health has been pretty bad for the past couple of years. Anyway, I took a few snaps on my camera phone along the way. Unfortunately I made a few decisions with paint that made me have to change the way I painted it, ending up fixing some bits with acrylics. That’s the thing with watercolours, one false move, and you have to sit back and rethink the entire thing.

Fairy WIP 1

Fairy WIP 1


This part I loved. I was really happy with the flow, but sometimes things don’t keep moving in the way you want them to.


Fairy In The Forest by Nicole Cadet

The final piece. It’s on A3 paper, and the pose reference is by Dheks on DeviantArt.

Fairy In The Forest Detail

And here’s a detail (it’s probably about half this size)

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