Feature over at Love of the Goddess & Sketchfest June 2012

Just a really brief post. Sinus has been laying me low, and I’ve been a bit flat since I came back from holidays.

If you like Goddess Art and information about goddesses, check out the feature over at Love Of The Goddess, which features work by yours truly :)

Love of the Goddess Blog

I also briefly participated in Sketchfest over the weekend (before last). Unfortunately I only had coloured paper and watercolour paper I dislike (plus I was massively behind on a commission piece, which thankfully I am now finished! Sorry, can’t show it yet, but it’s pretty epic!) Anyway, onto the art:

NCadet Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil – The World Tree (Norse Mythology) White pencil on olive pastel paper. Original for sale, click on the image to go to the sketchfest site.

NCadet Star Empress

Pittt pastel on watercolour paper (Sold)