Femme thou art Collective auction & ACEO commissions

I recently joined an artist collective, Femme Thou Art on Facebook (Femme thou art on instagram). We have an auction happening at the end of this  week, though I haven’t quite finished the painting… but it will get done!

Sweet Bestiarium

It’s kind of a woman with an owl, in a forest.

Step 1. The sketch

WIP 1 Owl Lady

2. Adding some watercolour washes

WIP 2 Owl Lady

Adding more details like the jewels and tree textures and deepening her hair colour.

owl woman wip 3


Also, I’ve added some slightly cheaper options for ACEOs, include a keyword painting. This is one where you specify up to 2 keywords, and I paint something based on the keyword! Check out my commissions page for more information.

ACEO commissions