Image Usage Questions:

Can I repost your pictures on my website?

Yes, as long as you credit me as the artist, the website where you are displaying the image is a non-profit site, and the image is not copyright to a client (i.e. commissioned). Please place a link back to and don’t modify the image. No hotlinking!

How about Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media?

See this post in relation to using my images on social media.

Can I use your painting in stationary/ web graphics/ PSP tubes/ derivative work?

No. You can however use a detail of a pieces as an LJ Icon, as long as you credit me in the keywords. Lady Ithildiel on LJ makes some beautiful graphics, a few of which I have displayed on my Downloads page for personal use.

Can I use your painting to represent my character in an online game or character in my book?

Only if the painting has been commissioned by you. Please visit my Commission page for further information and pricing. Alternatively, I have several character portraits for sale through Portrait Adoption.

Can I use existing work as RPG/ game graphics?

As with the previous question, while I am happy to create pieces for your RPG/ game, my existing pieces are NOT available for free use.

I have an idea for a painting. Will you paint it?

Only if it’s a commission :) I don’t work for free or on speculation.

How do you paint?

Please check out my articles Tutorials section.