ACEO/ ATC Freya original painting

ACEO Freya

New painting done today. This is a loose interpretation of the goddess Freya or Freyja, a Norse goddess of love and fertility. She wore a necklace of gold, that was said to shine like the stars in the constellations, and a cloak of feathers which she could transform into a falcon. There are many myths and other symbols associated with her, but I wanted to paint something quick and simple.

The rune in the corner is Fehu, or Fortune. I read that this was one of the runes associated with Freya. It’s painted with gold Gouache, a paint that I’m beginning to play with. I even learnt how to make gouache from gum arabic, chalk, and colour pigments on the weekend (I make Earth Green or Terra verde). We did shell gold as well which used honey, salt and gold leaf.

This is for sale over at Etsy, and I’m hoping to dust off my old Epson printer to see about doing some limited print runs of my ACEOs.

If you’ve got any ideas about which goddess/ mythical character I should paint in ACEO form next, let me know!


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