Garkun – forest boy

Garkun is the fifth painting in a series of character portraits (Includes  VikAnahitLada & Zabava). He’s a forest boy, having seen many horrors of war, he’s taken to scavenging the forest and battlefields, always followed by a shadowy forest spirit).

Sometimes a sketch takes a while to actually come together. This one I had a rough idea what I wanted, but it seemed to take forever for me to sit down and get it done. I sketched in Photoshop as I just kept having a really bad time using pencil and paper.

Garkun Sketch

The colour concept. One of the problems with Photoshop, is sometimes the colours are very hard to replicate  in watercolours, particularly when the painting is only a little bit bigger than a business card. The client wanted his clothes roughed up a bit more, so I did this when transferring the sketch to watercolour paper.

Colour concept Garkun

My scanner is being replaced soon. The colours are somewhat ‘off’, but this is the final painting. I used a yellow ochre washes as the base, to try and keep some warmth, even though I knew that the forest tones would be painted with quite a cool grey blue-green.

Garkun - wild child