Happy New Year

Hi all, hope everyone had a great New Years & holiday!

Mine was spent with family and was relatively quiet, just the way I like it. While there were some hiccups (flat tire, sunburn, mum spraining her ankle the day I was supposed to leave), overall it was nice to catch up with family and detach from the majority of my technology (ok, I lie… I used my phone on occasion and watched pay tv, but mostly I just swam in the pool, went walking with mum, and just relaxed).

On Christmas day, we went to visit my Aunt’s family who were staying at Green mount. We even saw dolphins swimming!


A Christmas tree in a park that hides possibly a mobile phone tower? It lights up at night.


One of my presents, a pack of gingerbread men *yum*


And an afternoon walk down near the beach.


And a quick sketch done during a lunch break at work. I haven’t figured the best way to do the weapon, hence it being rubbed out numerous times!