Hire me! I’ve re-opened commissions!

I recently decided to re-open all commission types, including traditional paintings. Check out my prices to get a quote!

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Some of you may have noticed that the prices have increased a bit, however I haven’t adjusted my prices for several years, and to be honest I should have done it a lot sooner (as well, shipping has got more expensive). The other thing to note, I’m taking on commissions that interest or challenge me. Cover art is my first love so that will take priority.

I burnt myself out a bit recently by taking the majority of work that came my way. That’s not to say I didn’t like working with the clients, or that there wasn’t some aspect of each commission that I liked – some I loved, but I did too much of the same kind of stuff and it began to wear me out. It was a very regimented process, I got up, went to the day job, came home, worked on commissions, had a day off (when I wasn’t ill) and did commissions. If I had ‘play time’ I felt guilty about the work sitting on my computer. I had no life, my illness flared up again, and exhaustion set in. Things started taking longer and longer to do and everything was a struggle.

I want to deliver the best work possible, and I can’t do this if I’m painting something that I really, really don’t want to do. I have a fairly limited amount of time to work given that I don’t do this full time, and I want to make this a fun, enjoyable and easy process for you.

So please, take a look at the type of art in my gallery (i.e. notice how there is pretty much no gore, no furries and no sexy times – sexy characters yes, but no NSFW). I have nothing against that kind of art, but I don’t feel comfortable painting it. Minor romance, yes – I love painting romance covers, just no full on sex scenes – I’m not the right kind of artist for that kind of work. When hiring an artist or illustrator, we often are happy to take on challenging work, stuff we’ve never tried before – but every artist tends to have things they like, they are good at, and subject matter that they feel comfortable painting.

So if you want an artist that can fully realise your character, work from detailed specs, will learn everything I can about that specific type of sword or morning start, or the wing patterns of a specific fairy, I’m your artist. I love painting beautiful portraits – of all skin colours and races.

BTW, I’ve added in some cheaper line art or pencil options… with no adjustments – you send me a description, I do the sketch and send it to you. If anyone is interested or would love to see a different kind of commission on offer, contact me!

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