Ixchel – Mayan goddess & Sidhe Witch sketches

This sketch, the topic was Sidhe Witch. It’s a very loose interpretation as I wanted to play with my Derwent graphite pencils, rather than my standard mechanical pencil in B. Of course I couldn’t find them :( I found a 2B, a 4B and that was about it. I know they’re around somewhere, I just have to tidy up… like organise, properly. I must find them! It’s going to drive me insane until I find them.

Celtic sidhe witch

Ix Chel on the other hand, was something I wanted to play with, so I found a topic that would play into goddesses, particularly ones related to the sky. The topic was actually ‘Lady of the night sky’ or something (IxChel on Sketchfest is still available for sale, $25 includes international shipping). I’ve recently been reading a series of books, which is urban fantasy linked to Southern and Central American mythologies. IxChel was already a favourite goddess of mine, considering she’s one of the few really strong female deities in the Mayan pantheon, and she’s linked to moons and rainbows. I love reading about the less well known goddesses and female myths, plus as a child I loved Cities of Gold, which yes is about the Incas, but I was crazy about myths and ancient gods and goddesses from the time I could read.

Anyway, Ix Chel/ Ixchel is the Mayan goddess of Rainbows, weaving, and the moon. She has links to dragonflies, pregnancy, fertility, medicine, war and peace, even the hare (which is said to be what the Mayans could see in the shadows of the moon’s surface). The symbol at the top was just an interesting glyph I found when looking for stars or moon or sky (I think it’s actually rabbit/ star there’s some interesting information on this site, not saying it’s factual, I haven’t yet started trawling the more academic sites. Plus these are glyphs, like Chinese characters, they can have more than one interpretation). Like many goddesses linked to the moon and fertility, she seems to have a dual nature as both a young maiden, and an older wiser medicine woman. There are lots of fascinating symbols and aspects to the goddess/s given this name.