Jackalope, ranger & space art

If you follow me on Twitter, or have seen previous sketchfest posts, you will know of my obsession with Guild Wars 2 . One of the fabulous things about the world, is the way they blend fantasy, mythology and cultural references. So when I saw the topic for a daily sketch (1 hour tops) was Jackalope, my promise to a friend to draw a Jackalope had to be met.

NCadet Jackalope

Jackalope sketch

 During sketchfest, one of the subjects was ‘draw your own character’. Rana is my primary character. She’s a ranger, though her costume is rather pirate like :) I’ve been experimenting with texturing and layers. Probably it stems from my fascination with Keiko Kotaki & Richard Anderson‘s techniques – both concept artists on GW2 as well as many other recognisable projects. Just watching videos by artists like these, even if you’ve been using Photoshop for years (like me), you can learn new techniques that can improve your art or production of art.

Rana - version 2

Rana – version 2

This is a large space art piece that was done in an hour. The original is about 1200 x 2500 pixels. I’ve been playing with space art paintings, so have finally got a technique I’m happy with (it involves custom brushes with very high scattering for the stars, and the use of layered clouds). It’s very much like painting an abstract piece when you compare it to painting a face.

The topic was ‘solitude’ which I link to emptiness. Maybe I’m just in a gloomy period of life, but this was the image that came to me when I first read the topic.

Solitude - space art

Solitude – space art

These were the initial experiments that I did with space art about a week before sketchfest. I really wanted to make a massive piece that I could use as stock art. This first piece was actually the second version of the same piece.

Starfield 1

Starfield 2