Lace, Leather, Feathers Fur character concept

So I had so much fun on Purple, I decided to use the same technique again, this time for the topic “Lace, feathers, leather and fur”. Again, 1 hour in Photoshop. This piece was all about the costume. I was influenced by some of the great Asian game art, and I love having the chance to explore outside standard medieval costumes.

Lace-Leather-Feathers-Fur sketch

The initial sketch. This has been set to about 50%, and was sketched in a rough pencil brush

Lace-Leather-Feathers-Fur Detailed sketch

I changed the mood a bit. Originally she was a little vampy, but very elegant. Then she became super vamp :)


Adding a background and setting the linework to multiply. I like working from a midtone, in this piece I used a gradient.

Lace-Leather-Feathers-Fur colour

Adding a colour layer. I started the colour after about 1/2 hour of drawing. If you have a good drawing, painting can be so quick… sometimes


I added details to the face on a separate layer, mainly because I didn’t want to have to fix up the skin if I screwed up the eyes.


I grabbed some lace texture and added it to the face on a multiply layer, erasing out the areas around the eyes


The final painting. I lightened the lace layer, and added in some final details like the feathers and the fur.