More flower photos



I’m trying to be more active in the blog-i-sphere! My pots of colours and vegetables on my sunny balcony bring me heaps of joy and I hope they bring a little sunshine to your world too!

mum's happiness in a pot




This chrysanthemum flower has three flowers on it. The plant is hanging on by a thread, but I love how it still struggles to make me happy by showing it’s gorgeous pink flowers on its little tiny body.


Last year I planted a bunch of snapdragons. They all died back and only my geranium remained. But this year I put in a bunch of marigolds and zucchini plants and the snapdragons reappeared, fighting in amongst the very little amount of space.

The flowers feel very much like metaphors for my life at the moment and I’m trying to see the beauty around me in the smallest of wonders.