Oracle of Delphi

Oracle of Delphi by Nicole Cadet

Oracle of Delphi by Nicole Cadet
Watercolours A5

This is a based on a really old sketch (see below). I screwed up the original painted version and dumped her in a box. She’s still floating around half painted somewhere! I had scanned the inked version before I started painting way back in 2008. I found the sketch while looking for something else, so I printed her out, transferred to the same crappy paper I used for Don’t Go with the intention of just painting for fun. I didn’t finish her over the weekend, I ended up going to bed for several days with a virus. I did finish her, though the colours haven’t scanned brilliantly. I love painting white folds, and again, the paper’s inconsistency were interesting to work with o_O.

I became interested in the Oracle of Delphi after I read a novel about a young woman from now who gets transported to ancient Greece and becomes an Oracle at Delphi. The book is probably about 30 years old and I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called or who it was by, and when I go searching for it all I get are a bunch of books written in the last five years (I read it several times when I was about 12 or 13 – back in the days when the library was a haven for a voracious reader). I’m glad these kinds of books are filling our bookshelves these days, but it makes me sad that people don’t know about the older books that paved the way for the current crop of authors.

Oracle of Delphi Sketch by Nicole Cadet

Oracle of Delphi Sketch – done back in 2008