Pencil commissions – female cleric & male adventurer

The Cleric

Female Cleric with a mace - Sarah

Sarah, a cleric who has a bit of a secret identity. In her current guise, she’s a Cleric of Selune & uses a morning star (flails are the ones with a ball and chain, maces have more squarish heads, just so you know). She likes causing trouble within her group, but does it on the sly.

Karris - male RPG character by Nicole Cadet

The Mage

Karris on the other hand is a mage, though he’s probably more practical than anything (I’ve called him an adventurer as I think he’s probably more comfortable outside the halls of a mage guild than in the library). His magic books are his most prized possessions, and his cloak contains some pretty awesome magical abilities, but he doesn’t advertise the fact that he is a mage through robes or other signs of office, nor does he wear armour that can slow him down.

Do I do Pencil sketch commissions?

These were fairly quick pencil commission that I did for a returning client. I haven’t done pencil commissions, well ever! But I did do a lot of pencil sketches for sketchfest last year that people seemed to like. With this kind of commission, the client had limited control, basically they gave me a description, then I drew it. No  changes, no thumbnails, just me sketching the character based on the initial instructions :) . It’s also a very loose style, I can do properly rendered pencil drawings, but they’re not something that I particularly enjoy (mainly because I’d rather paint them!)

I’m thinking about whether to offer them on my list of commission types. They’re fun :)