Purple character concept

I slipped into sketchfest on Sunday morning. Saturday was spent working on some commissions and chores. I’ll be going back and doing some more business stuff this afternoon as I have contracts and emails to work through, as well as more painting, but I wanted to get in at least one piece for sketchfest. This is what happens when you have a day job, you kind of have to segment up time for your side job, but at the same time make sure you have time to unwind… I did a lot of unwinding yesterday in the form of reading and gaming. I read through emails during the week, I try and answer some, try and do bits of paintings, but after being in front of a computer as a programmer/ IT geek means sometimes I don’t want to come home to the PC.

Anyway, this is a sketch triggered by the word ‘Purple’. This was done in under an hour, and is on a pretty small scale. This is the painting at 100%

purple girl structure sketch

Step 1. Working out the rough anatomy of the character. Done with a rough ‘pencil’ brush


purple girl 2

Step 2: Tightening up the sketch on a separate layer. I set the initial sketch layer to about 50% so it’s like tracing over the initial drawing. I tend to use a hard round brush for this.


purple girl 3

Step 3: I set the detailed sketch layer to multiply, and put a grey layer under it. The grey is a gradient, to give it a little bit of depth (it’s smoother when it’s not so compressed)

Purple Girl Final

This is the final paining. I added a layer under the sketch and set it to normal. Using a mix of smudging brushes (which is a soft edged, transparent brush) and hard edged round brush for highlights




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