Art’s been somewhat challenging. My health went a bit downhill over the holiday break, I lost interest in doing pretty much everything, probably because I had zero energy. Not sure if it was change to my medication, or just a bit of burn out and needing a couple of weeks of doing pretty much nothing work related. But I’m trying to pull things together a bit. I have commission work I’m woefully behind on (this is why I mostly work with personal commissions – between the day job and health I just can’t commit to tight deadlines at the moment).

I only got one piece done during January sketchfest. The title is “Rise” and I took maybe 40mins on it in Photoshop. I’m a little obsessed with ink splatters at the moment, as well as using white as a brush stroke.


And like always, a summary of 2012’s art (yeah, yeah,  I know about the typo, but can’t be bothered to fix it… next year :D )


2012 was again a quiet year. I spent a lot of time working on commissioned paintings so the months where there are sketchfest images, I was often in the middle of multiple commissioned pieces. All of these pieces are in my gallery, though some are in my scrapbook.

January: Dragon fell – A sketch from sketchfest of a dragon
February: Armana: Urban Angel – I’d wanted to paint an angel that didn’t follow the popular blonde male with white wings stereotype.
March: The client didn’t go with this sketch, however I liked this thumbnail. I still haven’t released this painting yet.
April Elthas: A mercenary warrior
May Foxglove – a rogue/ ranger half elf from the same group of portraits as Elthas
June Star Empress sketch from sketchfest. First time in a long time sketching with pastels
July Swords Call cover: I loved this painting, although it was certainly challenging. The tree and I had a love-hate relationship :)
AugustA sketch showing my love for Pre-Raphaelite paintings
September Emerel, the bard. Another commissioned painting, first time painting a lute. Lots of things that had to fit into the painting :)
October A quick tutorial on painting scars, don’t think it worked out too well.
November Another sketchfest piece. I love drawing darker, slightly sexy characters – they’re fun. This is why I often draw these kinds of characters during sketchfest
December:  Vik. Commissioned ACEO painting. First time properly painting ‘black’ skin in watercolours. I’ve done a lovely dark skinned woman digitally before, but watercolours provide a new challenge