SCA Me :) Anglo Saxon

Anglo Saxon NicI’m involved in the SCA (a medieval recreation group that is diverse in its interests), and due to illness I haven’t been as involved as I’d like. So this weekend I went to a Newcomer’s event –  a really laid back event which introduces new members to the craziness! I’ve changed sizes so none of my old garb fits properly. I made a new chemise (the white t-tunic) and pulled out some old fabric (not period -some synthetic mix, the colour may have been possible with woad) and made a peplos (a Roman piece of garb that carried over to early Anglo Saxon) which is possibly sewn up the side to under the arms and pinned at the shoulders. I’ve got basic circle brooches(below), which are utilitarian, but are probably the safety pins of that era rather than the real pretty ones you want to wear. A rope of glass beads hangs between the pins. On my feet were sandles, and I couldn’t stand pins in my hair so there’s a messy bun that was covered by my straw hat most of the day. The belt is narrow leather, the pouch was too heavy which is why my costume looks like it’s falling off my shoulders.

circle brooch