Sketchfest December 2011

As per usual, I made it to Sketchfest and this time got a number done. My computer seems ok to work in photoshop, but I can’t run my second monitor for long periods of time  like I normally do, so only one digital painting. (I watch a lot of catch-up tv on the laptop when sketching, which is why no real focus on digital).

Anyways, the spoils! One has already sold, but there are still some available! I apologise if this crossposts a few times, I’m playing with some blog features, and no doubt something will go wrong!

Elven Princess Bride By Nicole Cadet

This one has sold, sorry! But I may look at painting her since everyone at sketchfest made the comment 'Paint her!'

Overgrown Ruins

Topic: Overgrown city ruins (or something). I like Mayan temples, so here's a loose interpretation. Click on the image to see a larger version

NCadet Holly king

The Holly King


NCadet Caught On The Wind

I think the topic for this was 'Stolen by the wind', but close enough :) One of these days I'll do a proper study of clothes blowing in the wind, rather than guessing!

NCadet Gypsy

Gypsy. Title says it all. And yes, I noticed the wonkiness of her eye, after I scanned it. By that stage I was itching to move onto the next sketch

mermaid minstrel by Nicole Cadet

If you look close enough, you'll realise she is a true 'magic minstrel'. I just wanted to sketch a mermaid!