Sparkles and Femme Thou Art


I’ve got a new painting up for auction – starting at $100 which is a steal for one of my original watercolour paintings! Go over to the Femme Thou Art collective page over at Facebook, go to my painting and place a comment to start the bidding. I wanted the chance to paint a sky scene and something really simple. The colours are really hard to capture so I’m inserting a little clip where you can hear my Australian accent :)


On other art news, here’s some WIP shots from a personal painting which I’m planning on turning into a premade cover.

romance cover wip

The overal sketch and some basic colours

romance cover wip

Working on the face … my favourite part. Can’t figure out the direction her eyes are going to go at this stage… hence spooky eyes

romance cover wip

Finally figured out the direction of the eyes. I have to repaint the guys face cos… mongy at the moment!