Step by Step Scifi Character

These are the general steps for this formal approach to painting a character

1. Rough anatomy sketch, just grab blocks to suggest weight and balance. I was working from a reference because this was mainly to practice character design and to be honest I didn’t want to spend a huge time thinking about anatomy.

2. Detailed the face. At the time I was thinking about skirts so didn’t need to worry about the legs :)

3. Costume design! Spent a while on this… got lazy on the boots figuring I’d do those later. I moved this layer to the top and set to multiply so I could play with colours and not worry about forgetting where the lines were.

4. Blocked in colours. I wanted to try a more ‘comic book’ feel, or cell shading style. I changed my mind later!

5. I worked on the face, because this is the part I like best. I gradually started deleting out linework features and adding them onto the main colour layer. When I sketch on the computer the linework is pretty awful.

6. Worked on the costume and decided to simplify stuff … mainly because I was feeling lazy and wanted to just finish it! Also changed the hairstyle because I could :)

7. Added final details on another layer as I played with the costume. I do lots of layers … this one which was pretty simple and had 10 layers in the end.

Pilot Walkthrough