Swoop & Grasleth

Finally got some new work I can show!

We’ve had some crazy weather of the past few weeks, including near cyclonic weather over the Australia day weekend. Literally Brisbane was on tornado watch, insane I tell you! Lots of downed trees, flooding, power outages, cut roads… one thing you can say for our weather, it is certainly never dull!

I’ve been slowly getting back into GW2 (ok, only played about 3 times this year but I do love this game. It brings everyone down to the same level in each region, each class is very different to play, and there are so many alternate story lines). I did my first dungeon and although I have a level 75 ranger, she is somewhat of a dead weight on the team at the moment :D Probably didn’t help that I was having a bit of lag and a few drop outs and my team had another 2 rangers and no tanks. Still, scored an awesome pirate hat :D

Anyway, painting is still slow, but I have been working. The second piece was finished last year, but I couldn’t show it until now and is definitely a bit different from my normal work.

Grasleth – digital character portrait


Details shot and more information here

Swoop (title may be changed at a later date :) )


Detail shot and more information here