Sydney trip

I’ve been busy working on paintings I can’t show yet, and in amongst all the work I did a fly-by trip to Sydney to visit my brother and his partner over the weekend. One of these days I’ll get down long enough to catch up with fellow fantasy artists … unfortunately this was a rescheduled trip snuck in over the long weekend. I had my trusty phone with me, but mobile phone networks in Australia are somewhat problematic, particularly when you get away from the city…. so pretty much no internet for a week! So a real holiday :)

My brother lives in ‘Sydney’, but he’s in the outer suburbs, so after flying there, we know there’s about an hour to hour and a half  of highway driving before we get to their place. I love flying, but I hate airports and waiting. I hate long car trips even more (ironic given that as a child we spent half our childhood in the back of the car criss-crossing Australia). Anyway, arrived Friday to glorious weather.

We were greeted with enthusiasm by Bentley, my brother’s dog. He’s a Rhodesian ridgeback x Staffy x Rottweiler or doberman, but he is lovely. Very gentle, absolutely loyal, and an all round mental case (I’m not a dog fan, I prefer cats, but I love Bentley to bits). I ate an apple at breakfast. The whole time, he sat there drooling. Yes, the dog that would rip your arm off if you entered his back yard or tried to hurt his family loves apples.

Anyway, sorry about the photo quality, they were all taken with my phone.


Bentley is my brother's dog. I'm not a dog person, but Bentley is gorgeous.

Anyway, back to the trip. After a quiet girls night with my sister to be and Mum (brother was on night shift), we did a late breakfast and decided to do a day trip to the Blue Mountains. We pulled in at a few lookouts, but I didn’t take many photos. It was a beautiful winter day – cold, clear, sunny, but pretty nippy. It was about 12 degrees C which I absolutely loved. Waking up to 2 degrees C was awesome (I’m one of the few people who lives in the sub tropics but adores cold weather – well Australia’s version of cold). My Mum came into the loungeroom at 7:30am, I was tucked under a blanket eating breakfast and she was like ‘turn the heater on!’ Best day ever!

Blue Mountains - from Wentworth

Blue Mountains - from near Wentworth Falls

Three Sisters Blue Mountains

View of the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains

And to prove I was there :) ….really bad photo, Mum and I were is the shadows so I had to play with the levels

Blue Mountains Family

Blue Mountains (Me, Mum & my brother, yes, they are board shorts he is wearing), sister to be took the photo :) I'd post a pic of her too, but she may hurt me ;)

Mum & I  arrived back at the Gold Coast to storms, a small amount of turbulence, running across the tarmac as the rain began (my umbrella was in my luggage of course!)

After dropping in my car for a service a few days later, Mum & I ducked down to Burleigh Heads to look at the surf. The waves were enormous… you can’t see it from the photos, but trust me, they were big. The beaches were closed, and the water was even too rough for the regular surfers.

Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Heads - big surf

Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Heads - view towards Surfers

Burleigh Heads - view towards Surfers

Burleigh Heads - view towards Surfers

Burleigh Heads - view towards Surfers



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      No, I’m sure I mentioned Lauren… though probably just said ‘brother and partner’ (wasn’t sure she’d like me posting her photo :)). Sadly the photos with Lauren in it are really dark :(

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