Urban Angel … a little bit further

Believe it or not, I got stuck painting jeans and building for about 3 hours :( Yeah, kind of crazy since mostly no one will care about those things. I haven’t quite figured the balcony. I was going to have it with pretty curly wrought iron details … but the lazy artist is coming out! I’ll probably get it to a state where I’m happy with the stone rendering, take a copy of the layer, then delete out some details. Or not. Depends on if the city has killed me by that stage.

Urban Angel 3

I like using square brushes and I play with the opacity for the buildings. I kind of start with a mash up of half a dozen images of cities to try and work out some different city building shapes. I think I’ve got references from Shanghai, New York and Chicago in there. Even planning on trying to sneak Brisbane’s Gotham City building (State Law building) Considering that I work in an office building, it should be easy to imagine building details :) Except my closest view is of the river so looking the wrong way!

Oh, and I know that I need to reflect the buildings back onto the glass … but I’ll do that later. When I start to get slap dash on a section, I generally move to another part. I started playing with brushes to figure out how to do nice repeating window shapes. I had a brush set (Spyrocity maybe?) which someone looks like they’ve worked a few brushes for front on buildings. Just create a new layer, or image, make a brush stroke, then use the transform tool to play with perspective.

Urban Angel 4

I also meant to add, I’m referencing http://tasastock.deviantart.com/ for the character.

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Oh, and the final version

Urban Angel Armana

Urban Angel Armana

NCadet Urban Angel Detail