Using my art on Pinterest and Tumblr

I read a blog post recently about using artworks/ photos on a blog that were found through Google images and how she was sued. I’m not going to judge her, that’s not my place. I’m also not going to judge the actions of the copyright holder. Again, that’s not my place.

But it did get me to thinking about my policies on posting my art on other sites.

I do have an image usage page, but I thought I’d address things a little more broadly.

Generally if you’re doing something that is not for profit, you’re willing to attribute me as the artist on the page, and is not derivative (i.e. you’re not cutting it up, adding sparkles, turning into sig tags etc) I’m normally pretty cool with things. You want to make money off it, you need to sign a contract with me. You want to use an artwork as a character representation (book, game, whatever) you must pay for the privilege. You want to use my art to advertise some political statement, please don’t. You want to pretty up your personal blog, read on!

In the same way that you’d hate to see a photo of your family being used by a random stranger, my paintings are much the same. It’s upsetting to see someone using your art in a way that it wasn’t intended, or plonked on a page where no one will ever know who painted it. It makes me sad when I find a really beautiful painting online that someone’s swiped from somewhere without attributing the artist. I like supporting artists. If I know who they are, I may even go buy a print.


I use Pinterest myself as a collection for images to spark ideas. I love browsing through collections of images. It’s a way for me to find new blogs and artists, kind of like a great big scrapbook. Pinterest often points to the source so I can lose myself in linked site for ages!

If you want to pin my images (either via here or DeviantArt or any other places I officially host my images), cool. I prefer that you don’t upload my images as Pins, but if you do, you must credit me as the artist. A link back to would be nice too.

However, I will hunt you down if you try and use my art for Gifts. Feel free to advertise my items on Etsy, I really don’t mind :), but don’t use my art for profit generating or political purposes.


Pretty much along the lines of Pinterest. Give credit by putting in the source or attributing the image to be.  Don’t claim the art as your own, and please don’t say ‘this illustrates my character’ unless you’ve paid me for it.


Post links to my stuff, share official posts from my facebook fan page but don’t upload my images as your photos/cover photos. If you do, I will ask you to remove it, and then contact Facebook.  Please respect commissioned paintings and do not use these as icons.

Personal Blog

I love hearing about people sharing my arts, in fact you share the love, I generally like to share the love on Facebook & Twitter with my followers. General rules:

  • Host the image yourself, but not somewhere that allows photos such as photobucket unless you switch off the ability to order prints. I don’t like hotlinkers.
  • Don’t squish the image/ crop it/ remove copyright statements/ alter the image in any way.
  • You credit the image to me, something like “Artwork © Nicole Cadet” either with the image or at the bottom of the blog post. I have gone after people who’ve posted my paintings without crediting me as the artist.
  • Your site is non profit, i.e. it’s a personal blog
  • Please don’t post works that are commissioned paintings unless you ask first. Book covers tend to be fine as it’s advertising for the author too, but personal commissions are sometimes of real people and they may get upset with me if they see their portrait appear on some random blog.
If you want to drop me a note, great! But I do not absolutely require a note first. Just follow the above and I’m a happy camper.

 Business Blog

Please contact me first. If it’s more a personal blog post or a general information post I’m normally pretty ok to treat it like a personal blog. What  mean by this is if you have a business website that is say selling Wicca supplies, and you post a blog post about say Cerridwen in general and decide to use my painting as a representation of the goddess then this is ok. But if you decide to use the painting to advertise your Cerridwen inspired incense, this is advertising and commercial – you cannot use the image without a contract from me.

Hopefully this is helpful to people, but please ask if you have any questions or if there’s a scenario you’re uncertain about! And of course, if you really want to support me, consider purchasing a print!