Willow maiden sketch, waiting for the spaceship & self portrait as an elf

A couple of sketches done during sketchfest last weekend.

Title: Willow Maiden

The topic was “Willow tree” but I really wanted to draw something with accents of Chinese costume. It’s a mishmash of eras, and her features are not really that Asian (I had to redraw the face about three times)

The original sketch is still available for sale from the sketchfest site for $25, including standard airmail 


I haven’t done a self portrait for ages… mainly because I’m really bad at drawing myself. I started with a quick tracing of a happy snap  because otherwise I’d spend the whole hour drawing myself, before I even started on the fantasy elements. I’m not sure what fantasy creature I am specifically, probably a wood elf :)NCadetFantasySelfPortrait2013

Title: Waiting for the spaceship

And finally, some space art (Click on the image to see a larger version)

I used an overlay from a starmap from NASA, however I hand painted a large number of the stars, including the nebula. By the end, I ran out of time so the character in the foreground only too about 5 mins

Waiting for the Spaceship