Work in Progress – Urban Angel

Well this was a different angel to the small ACEO I drew and had planed to paint, but I’ve been obsessing over feathers and city buildings for the past two days and I need a break. Still got a bit of work to do as I’ve only blocked in the buildings and clouds, and oh yeah, she needs a balustrade to sit on. What was I thinking? Feathers + buildings + Balustrade = crazy right?

I’ve been itching to paint an ‘urban’ angel since I started reading Nalini Singh’s Guild hunter series, particularly an angel with wings that weren’t white – and no flowy gowns or blonde hair and blue eyes. Actually the first layer of the wings started out as white, and I really wanted blue black wings like her hair. Personally I don’t think her wings are big enough to fly, but there you go!


Angel WIP

This is the original version of the wings … I’m still toying between which one I like better. Thoughts? (I haven’t finished the wings in the top piece … I moved onto buildings as there are only so many wings you can paint without going blind)


The detail below is at about 100%. My computer’s been chugging along over the file. I’m terrible with layers … I have about 20. This is at iteration 3. Every so often I go along and collapse layers and save a new version. I’m using photoshop and yeah, I’m a messy painter. No neat, perfect brushstrokes … just lots of random brush strokes.



I also meant to add, I’m using for the character reference (though it’s pretty much only the pose and the jeans!)

See the second part here.