Zabava painting and sketches

Zabava was an interesting character to paint. I had to try and capture a mix of anger and sadness in her face and pose, bring in her love of wood carving, point to the pseudo Russian ethnicity and elude to the fact that she is a ‘comfort woman’ (if you don’t know what that is, you look up World War II history, it’s not pleasant, you have been warned).
zabava sketch

The colour scheme is very much about the red hair being offset by the golds and greens. She was a character that formed very clearly in my head so she came together very quickly.

NCadet Zabava colour concept

And the finished painting. My scanner is having some issues (scanner is 10 years old, has decided to scan everything as though it was half blind :( ). I used lots of intense reds on her hair which probably don’t really occur in nature, but I wanted that vibrant kind of cherry colour. Those colours feed down into the embroidery.

NCadet Zabava

Zabava ACEO watercolour painting. 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

Again, she is from the series of ACEO paintings I’ve been doing which includes Vik, Anahit and Lada. I’ll be releasing another male character portrait soon!