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Hi! I’m Nicole!

I’m an Australian fantasy artist, GW2 gamer and medieval enthusiast. I paint and illustrate part time as I also work in the fast paced IT industry.


A bit about me.

 I've been a working as an artist since 2003 when I first started taking on commissions, and selling original watercolour paintings and prints through eBay and my website.

Before that I spent a couple of years at Art College (QCA) where I trained to be a high school art teacher (worked towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting), but decided to graduate with the Education degree only). I went back and studied computer science because I decided I didn’t really like teaching, and I wanted a steady pay-check.

 My favourite thing to do is private commissions, painting character portraits and fantasy book covers.

I am always interested in collaborating with authors on book covers and book cover series, and private clients who want to bring to life their characters or fantasy creations. I'm open to other fantasy related commissions so please feel free to contact me


I also have a maniac grey tuxedo cat named Murphy (who lives up to the name). He’s an RSPCA rescue and has a few quirks, mainly that he’s not a quiet artist cat. He likes to lick watercolour paints, sit on keyboards, and eat metal things, including the spiral bindings of my sketch blocks.

I've had my art featured in a few magazines and in an Oracle deck, written a monthly column for an online zine about having a day job and working as an artist, and participated in an ArenaNet sponsored charity Zine with the GW2 Artist Collective. I also did the adventurer character for Lords of Xulima.

For general information about my store, image usage policies and common queries, please check out my FAQ page before contacting me.