Commissions Overview 

N.B Unfortunately I am not currently offering commissions of portraits based on real life people (i.e. family, friends, partners). I used to do this, but am not taking on any work of this manner at the moment.

Prices below for personal commissions only. All are painted at print resolution - minimum 8 x 10" - 8.5 x 11.5" @ 300 dpi 

    Digital Character Portraits - Bust

    Portraits of a single character: $80 USD. Please enquire if multiple characters are wanted.

    Digital Character Portraits - 1/2 Body or tinted lineart

    Portraits of a single character simple background OR tinted line art with full body and full background (last 3 examples): from $150 USD . Please enquire if multiple characters are wanted or if a detailed background such as full cityscape/ detailed interior for digital painting is required.

    Digital Character Portraits - Full Body

    Portraits of a single character with simple background : from $200 USD . Please enquire if multiple characters are wanted or if a detailed background required such as full cityscape/ detailed interior

    Traditional Commissions

    I occasionally take on watercolour or pencil commissions, but shipping is custom quoted as I have to factor in international shipping and insurance which starts at around $30 AUD even for small paintings.  Uninsured starts from $5, but I cannot take responsibility if the original is lost) N.B. Shipping within Australia is included in the price. All commissions receive a 300 dpi scan of the image as well.

    • 8 x 10" pencil sketch start from $40 + shipping
    • ACEO watercolour painting (2.5" x 3.5" painted area) start from $40 + shipping
    • 5 x 7"  watercolour painting start from $75 + shipping
    • 8 x 11" watercolour painting start from $150 + shipping
    • Larger start from $350 + shipping (which will be in excess of $30)

    Further Information

    How I work – COMMERCIAL commissions ONLY

    I love working with authors on cover art and take on a fairly collaborative approach. I generally don't sell full rights or do work for hire, but am happy to negotiate. Please contact me directly for a custom quote or look at my cover art page for further information

    How I work – PERSONAL/ PRIVATE commissions ONLY:

    • All prices below are quoted for non-commercial work only. I retain all rights to the artwork – you are not allowed to resell or modify the artwork. Please enquire for a custom quote if you are after something not priced below
    • I’m allowed to post the work in my portfolio and social media sites.
    • You can use the artwork for personal avatars/ icons/ profile pictures, print out copies for yourself etc. I work at print size.
    • I tend to work on a first come, first served basis. If you can’t pay a deposit within a timely manner, I have the right to take on other work.
    • Payment is done 50% up front (non refundable), 50% on completion. Artwork will only be sent after final payment is received. I only ask for a deposit when I am ready to start (I don't have a holding fee but I let you know up front if I'm not able to start for a few weeks)
    • Payment is done through PayPal USD only. This allows for credit card payment or PayPal transfer. I will create an invoice and attach a copy of the contract which states expectations of the commission (what you get from the commission - basically what is written here!)
    • I reserve the right to decline any commission. There are some subjects I don’t like to paint like gore and explicit NSFW art. I paint all things fantasy, angels, mermaids, dragons, fairies, RPG characters, Guild Wars characters (I'm a rabid GW2 player :D), World of Warcraft (WoW characters) - just not actual fan art of characters such as Mercy from Overwatch or Daenerys from GoT. I also love sci-fi and history, having been involved in medieval recreation groups in the past. 
    • I have the right to make time lapse videos for places like you-tube. I’m happy to list the client as the character’s creator.

    If I agree to a commission, after the deposit is paid:

    • I ask any questions/ clarify ideas via email
    • I spend about a week doing thumbnails (if complex), otherwise I do a sketch
    • After the sketch is signed off, I may do colour samples (depending on complexity)
    • I then start painting. No major changes can be made after this stage. I’m happy to make minor edits, but major changes such as clothing changes/ colour scheme changes/ addition of characters etc may incur additional fees
    • I send a small, heavily watermarked version for approval and make any final adjustments and on final payment send through the final piece (normally JPEG 8 x 10/11.5 inch @ 300 dpi). I send avatar versions/ smaller versions as well

    Some detailed samples of the process can be seen in my blog