Features Overview

Customise your cover art, purchase the illustration only, eBook version or full wraparound design. All prices in USD and includes some minor customisation (i.e. may not include new design layout or lots of illustration changes). I can do Audio book designs using these images as well. Once image is sold, it is not available for use on other books. All images featuring the original image will be removed and made unavailable to everyone except the original purchaser. Please note a contract will be supplied stipulating usage rights. If you have questions please ask. I do commissions – fully custom art and design, or illustration only. Contact me for a quote. These prices are indicative of pre-made art only. Custom art is more expensive.

What is included:

  • If you want to replace a font with a specified (that is free for commercial use or you’ve paid the rights for)

  • Change of text to your details

  • Possible minor additions to text layout (i.e. addition of a logo that you supply and hold rights for of bi-lines)

  • Minor modifications to the image – please enquire as some changes may mean large repaints

  • Inclusion of simple Audio book version

  • Print setup to a supplied template or supplied sizes (as long as it’s not larger than the specified file)

Contact me with the title if you art interested in purchasing a pre-made cover or if you've seen one of my other artworks that you're interested in me turning into a cover.