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RPG Portraits - a round up

Over the years I've done a lot of character portrait art. It took a back seat over the last few years as I focused on book cover art, but I've recently decided to make it a focus again. So here are some of my previous portraits - face only to give you an idea of what I do

A Voodoo Witch OC - 'witch of the wilds' for the Dragon Age RPG

Elthas - a sellsword mercenary who is Viking inspired (despite being clean shaven)

A double portrait of two male characters

Vika - a paladin character/ holy warrior

Kether Creed - An arbalest character

An Archeological Bard

Foxglove - a half elf ranger character

Lunzie - and alchemist/ steampunk like character

Alessandra Van Sekel - my GW2 Mesmer character

Zayva - Personal loose portrait - fantasy medieval woman

Gaulen - this was a portrait done for Xulima games

Lorenth - A GW2 Seraph inspired warrior character I have yet to create in game. Again, this is looser in style

You can have your own character done (yes I do World of Warcraft characters too) for $80USD - check out the details here on my commissions page