Kings Rider Series by C. A Szarek

Sword’s Call: Book 1 of the Kings Riders by C. A Szarek

Print Available

Sword’s Call Print layout

Sword's Call - Audio book layout

Love’s Call: Book 2 of the Kings Riders by C. A Szarek

Print Available

Love's Call Wraparound design

Rogue’s Call: Book 3 of the Kings Riders by C. A Szarek

Print Available

Rogue's Call Wraparound design

Spirit of the Sword Series by Frances Smith

Book 1 of Spirit of the Sword: Pride and Fury by Frances Smith

Print Available

Book 3 of Spirit of the Sword: The Dragon & the Sword by Frances Smith

Print Available

Cover Design for Spirit of the Sword Ebook

Book 4 of Spirit of the Sword: The Sword in Shadow by Frances Smith

Print Coming

Book 2 of Spirit of the Sword: Faith and Virtue by Frances Smith

Print Available

Short stories of Spirit of the Sword: The Sword and the Elf Princess by Frances Smith

 Mock work for cover art and design - Spirit of the sword

Mock work for cover art and design - Spirit of the sword

Hell Hollows series by Regina Richards

Book 1: The Blue Breeze by Regina Richards

Book 3: The Lightning Lake by Regina Richards

Book 2: The Moss Mist by Regina Richards

Book 4: The Ruby Relic by Regina Richards

Sentinel by Melanie Jordaan


As Darkness Fades to Dawn by Mark Ratikan

Swoop Cover illustration - unused

Historical fantasy based on a watercolour painting -available for purchase

As Darkness Fades to Dawn by Mark Ratikan

Cover design and back cover details

Dark Brand by Robert C Fountain

Sci-fi sample - available for purchase

Fantasy Romance cover sample - available for purchase

Dark Brand Illustration by Robert C Fountain

Sample wraparound design

Romance layout sample - available for purchase

About custom cover illustrations and design

  • I prefer digital painting over traditional media as it's easier to change, but if you want a watercolour painting as your cover, I can do this! These are not photos - they are custom illustrations which is why they will be more expensive and a bit slower to make than a photo-manipulated cover. Check out some of my blog posts to see sketches, design concepts, and processes

  • There is a lot of collaboration and communication involved so it normally takes 6-8 weeks for a full wraparound illustration (approx 1-2 weeks for thumbnails, 1 week for the detailed sketch and colour concepts, and several weeks for the painting. Design work depending on the complexity normally takes a week, assuming you have a template for me to work to from you printer for print books). I don't normally get time to read the book before starting, however if you want me to I can, just be aware this will impact on time frames. If you have a drop dead date - please let me know up front. I work a day job so I need to plan in advance. Times may be shorter for less complex cover art.

  • I sell worldwide publication rights for the purpose of the book cover, with non-profit generating promotional material included (includes simple cutdown versions for social media headers etc). Any other rights can be negotiated (i.e. I retain the right to sell prints and submit it to online galleries)

  • All covers are painted to spec - that is, I paint them at print resolution for the size you provide for the quote - normally this starts at 5.25" x 8"- 6 x 9" for the front cover, but may be bigger for CreateSpace. Normally a wraparound is about 9 x 13" depending on the page count. Please let me know up front dimensions. I include extra for bleed, and while I can upsize if you need it a tiny bit bigger, major changes in size after the painting is started will likely incur a fee (i.e. you need a much bigger file than what was initially contracted).

  • Print covers automatically provide you with ebook rights and files

  • Ebooks covers are normally painted at print resolution so that if you want to use if for a print cover at a later stage you can, however I won't expand an ebook to a wraparound after the ebook cover has been painted - it's too difficult to repaint and redesign

  • I'm happy to add design work as an additional fee later if you just want to start with the illustration

  • Other questions or you want a custom quote, please contact me.