Zaya - FFXIV Au Ra commission

It’s been a little while between paintings, but I was glad to get a commission request from a client I’ve worked with many times in the past. Zaya is an Au’Ra, a race from FFXIV (an online MMORPG) who works with herbs and tinctures and poisons.

The client gave me complete freedom over the pose, the background, even the costume - it just needed to be fairly conservative and modest, but still pretty. I looked at a lot of gothic lolita clothes after looking at the screenshots of the kinds of costumes the character wore in game. Because her hair is so vibrant, I wanted the clothes to be a more toned down colour, yet still point to her connection with flowers.

Painted in Photoshop

Oh and yeah, I redid my website. I’m still tweaking things here and there. I was with pretty limited internet for about 2 weeks so it was pretty much impossible to upload anything. I could still game surprisingly, but doing anything on the internet was an effort in frustration.

I’ll do up a separate post on the redesign of my website, plus a few things I’ve learnt, as well as some tools and bits and pieces in the coming weeks.

Zaya - an Au’Ra, a fantasy creature from Final Fantasy 14 online