Klaus - DnD knight portrait commission

Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve been working on my own painting of a Dragon Queen, but it’s been taking a while as I’ve repainted bits and pieces. In the mean time, commissions have been quiet. This is my latest piece, a DnD commission of a Germanic inspired knight/ cavalier. The hair design was specified, the emblem was also required to be a hawk (though there’s some crossover with eagle heraldry in this piece). The armour is based on mounted armour from the 1500s in Germany, though it’s not tilt armour (meant for jousting). The character Klaus is meant to be a cavalier which were mounted knights. Although cavalier is often associated with the English civil war, this is DnD fantasy so it’s more mounted knight/ chevalier .

The finished painting of Klaus

The initial sketch

What’s currently on my digital workbench - Dragon Queen