New Digital colouring pages released

Hope everyone has had a nice break over the new year!

While I’ve been on holidays from work, I’ve been creating a whole bunch of colouring pages. As I said previously, I’d like to do a colouring book, but at the moment I don’t have enough done to make one (I need about 24 minimum). I am however going to look at doing a collection of my ACEOs as a PDF download. This will contain 10 colouring pages taken from my ACEO art (these are miniature paintings that are 2.5. x.3.5” in size, but I’m creating the colouring pages at a larger size). Because they are so small, they are simpler images. I’ve probably got enough to do at least two of these books.

I’ve found creating the colouring pages quite relaxing. I mainly work in Clip Studio as the pen brushes are so nice to work with, and have curve correction. Some of my older colouring pages were done in Photoshop which while I have Lazy Nazumi to help with smoothing, it’s not as nice to work with (or I just haven’t figure a good work process).

I’ve revised the prices a little. Simpler images are cheaper than the more complex images and I’ve tried to make the prices fairly consistent. While I’m looking at doing a collection of images for personal use only as a PDF, that will be a little while off.

Also, one of the reasons I’ve abandoned my Etsy store, was that the fee structure was really unkind to sellers outside of the US (this is where most of my customers were). Not only would I be paying fees to list the items, the fee on the sale of the item now includes shipping as well. Shipping from Australia as compared to the US is more expensive and slower. Sometimes items would arrive within a week, at other times things would take up to 3 weeks. It just did not work out to be economical. If you really wish to purchase something through Etsy (i.e. you have a gift card), contact me and I will do a custom order.

Some of the newest colouring pages available through my store

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