Pathfinder Elf Magus commission

This was a fun commission to do - a female elf sword and magic wielder. Although it's weird not painting backgrounds, it's also kind of a palette cleanser being able to just focus on a character.

Being a Paizo Pathfinder elf her eyes are somewhat different to the elves of LotR or elves you commonly see on TV.

Miribeth - female elf Magus

A detail version of the pace. This is close to full resolution as the painting is 8.5 x 11.5 inches @ 300dpi

This is the original sketch, but the client wanted to see what she looked like with a braid instead

Also, a few quick notes about my commissions. At the moment I'm not doing portraits of people. To be honest, I'm not really interested in trying to capture exact likenesses of people. I think they are great fun for the person receiving it, but for me, painting It stresses me out and I don't enjoy the commission at all. Maybe I'll go back to them one day, but for the moment I'll leave them for portrait artists that enjoy it.

I also only accept PayPal/ credit card. No crypto-currencies, no EFT, no Western Union transfers. I also only work with contracts. If you're uncomfortable with this, or cannot pay via my method of payment, please don't ask me about prices.